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US Signal assists Connected LLC

Connected, LLC is a St. Louis-based company offering business phone systems with a suite of features and services. Phone systems are cloud-hosted to target today’s mobile and distributed business world. Learn how US Signal solved their…

Cisco InterCloud

Cisco Systems has given cloud service providers and cloud consumers one billion reasons to pay attention: That is the amount in dollars they plan to spend over the next two years expanding their nascent cloud portfolio. Cisco, a massive business with over $49 billion in annual revenue, (and not prone to subtlety) announced in late March that they and selected partners will “build the world’s largest global InterCloud.”

Benefits of US Signal Fiber+ Bundle

This amazing technology has many advantages over transmission by copper wire: Higher Speed, Greater Bandwidth, Attenuation, and more. Also learn about the powerful fiber technology that powers our network.

Grand Rapids East Data Center: What’s Behind the Curtain?

In the first sentence of the accompanying video, Dave Wisz, US Signal’s Executive Vice President of Operations, stated that the new Grand Rapids East Data Center is “purpose-built.” This innocuous phrase is an umbrella term for a slew of strategic and architectural decisions that affect virtually every element of a data center.

Indiana Tech Moves to the Cloud

Indiana Tech University is a private, 4-year university that was experiencing substantial growth of their online lecture software due to an increase of students enrolling in their online degree programs. By moving their Active Directory into the US Signal Cloud, Indiana Tech’s IT department is confident that using US Signal’s Cloud Hosting services will enable them to keep up with the demands of the university’s continuously expanding online community. 

Why Join VMUG?

The VMware User Group or VMUG, according to their mission statement is “an independent, global, customer-led organization, created to maximize members’ use of VMware and partner solutions through knowledge sharing, training, collaboration, and events.”
What is it about VMUG that draws over 80,000 professionals, from around the world, to create a community devoted to its use? One word: VMware.

A Look Back at Over a Dozen Years of Service

It seems hard to believe that US Signal has been providing great service since 2001. As the years passed, the network and the product portfolio expanded and the company grew to be what it is today: an industry leader in data transport and cloud services, and in customer experience. See how the evolution took place:

When you are looking for PERFECTION in Cloud, count on US Signal

When you look at moving your business systems to the cloud, are you looking for a vendor or a partner? A partner wants to provide you with the tools to enable your business to be successful while being compensated fairly for the services they provide. US Signal prides itself in helping our partners be successful in all aspects of their business.

HIPAA Breaches Increase in 2013

2013 was, unfortunately, a banner year for HIPAA breaches. It is estimated that approximately 5.7 million individuals had their electronic protected healthcare (ePHI) wrongfully accessed. This is about twice as many than in 2012. The number of patients affected by these breaches crossed a wide range.

Benefits of Choosing a HIPAA Certified Cloud Provider

Congress passed the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act, HIPAA, in 1996. Since then, healthcare organizations have worked hard to establish standardized formats for patient health, administrative, and financial data. Security mechanisms surrounding electronic Protected Healthcare Information (ePHI) that ensure confidentiality, data integrity, and availability are key to these efforts.