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Business and Personal Cloud Application and Software Selection

The cloud is ubiquitous, and application productivity options are spawning daily. With a plethora of options available at our technological fingertips, it can become quite tedious to choose which applications and software work best for preferred business and personal platforms. Are you an Apple junkie? Do you swear by Microsoft? Even further, how will your decision-making and preferences influence your ability to utilize cloud technologies to their fullest potential? Let’s break it down.

The Journey from Tape to Cloud

Tape systems have played a crucial role in the history of enterprise data storage. The history of tape goes back all the way to the mainframe era of the 1950’s, with the modern era of tape going back to the 1990’s. Think about that for a moment - all the ways the digital world has changed; from networking technologies, to the explosion of big data, The Internet of Things, social media, smart devices, gaming, YouTube, etc. Think about how all those things are trending and consider whether it’s finally time to retire a 20+ year old technology to archive and backup enterprise data.

Women in Technology Grow, Learn, Succeed

In an industry of constant change and evolution, Amanda Regnerus has at times found herself lacking the confidence that she would be able to make the change or learn at the pace that was needed to keep up with the IT industry. Her admission to those fears may come as a surprise, considering Regnerus is the Vice President of Marketing at US Signal Company, a global technology enterprise.

How HIPAA Raises the Privacy Bar

Since 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has regulated health insurance coverage and health care transactions. It is also the main federal arbiter of patient privacy, but until 2009, HIPAA affected hospital procedures more than the IT industry. That's when the HITECH Act of 2009 added technology and financial associates to the list of regulated parties. Then, in 2013, lawmakers added the Final Omnibus Rule, which significantly expanded the act's Protected Health Information (PHI) regulations.

US Signal’s Accelerated Resource Pool Provisioning

US Signal offers Dedicated and Flexible Resource Pools as a part of our Cloud Hosting product suite. Resource Pools are sold as groupings of virtual compute, memory and storage. Inside these blocks of resources, customers can create and destroy any number of VMs as dictated by their business needs. This model is different than most vendors who provision their cloud services by individual Virtual Machines (VM).

For some, VM-based provisioning makes it easier to understand the invisible virtual environment because it emulates a physical computing environment. In the mind’s eye, we can picture them running in the cloud.

GR East Grand Opening Event Recap

On Tuesday, May 20, we celebrated the opening of our new Grand Rapids East Data Center with a reception at our Grand Rapids headquarters. We were excited to see so many familiar and new faces celebrating with us!

Big Telecom Event

US Signal has arranged a limited number of complimentary VIP passes for our employees and customers for an exclusive invitation-only event taking place in June 17-18 at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers.

Fiber To Your Doorstep With US Signal Direct Access

Because of our dense fiber-optic network of over 14,000 miles of lit fiber, companies that are located near the US Signal network are at a distinct advantage because this makes it feasible for us to install and provide services via direct fiber-optic cables built into the customer’s building.

The Rise of IITMs

Microsoft study reported that SMBs are losing over $24 billion in productivity annually due to the long-standing practice of assigning non-technical employees to manage a company’s IT solutions. The label this study gave these employees, those taken away from their primary business role to manage IT, indicates their services were probably conscripted: Involuntary IT Managers (IITM).

Customers are moving to the cloud, and Cisco takes steps to ensure its partners are ready to help.

IaaS, PaaS, DaaS, SaaS, DRaaS…sound familiar? Cloud buzzwords are everywhere these days, hitting us over the head via blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, magazines, RSS feeds, and even the local sports talk radio commercial break.  And for good reason:  Cloud adoption is gaining significant momentum with more and more customers consuming cloud resources.

US Signal assists Connected LLC

Connected, LLC is a St. Louis-based company offering business phone systems with a suite of features and services. Phone systems are cloud-hosted to target today’s mobile and distributed business world. Learn how US Signal solved their…